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  • Jennifer was very professional, offered sound advice and she knows court procedure very well. She is not afraid to fight for a fair settlement for her client.
  • Jennifer has been prompt, fair minded and knowledgeable every time I have consulted with her or used her services. She has always given me a complete view of the problem I faced and offered a series of solutions. I would whole heartedly recommend her to any one searching for an attorney.
  • Jennifer's ability to communicate and work with clients, lawyers, Judges and the court system is remarkable. She is a strategic thinker. Jennifer worked diligently to bring my difficult divorce to an end. Thank you Jennifer.
  • Jennifer is a wonderful lawyer. I went through a very nasty divorce and would have gone crazy if Jennifer hadnt been there to walk me through the whole process. She is smart, informative, knowledgeable, professional, patient and always there to help with concerns or questions I had. She put my at ease with my divorce, even at its worse. I highly recommend Jennifer as a lawyer and I cant say enough how awesome she is!
  • Jennifer was recommend to us by a friend and are we glad they did. We went to her office and she listened to our situation. She advised honestly what her steps would be and gave us things we need to provide for her as well. Once all was in place she found out and spoke to the right people and got things moving for us. We only had 60 days to get back my job otherwise I would be let go. Because of thing we had heard and read we thought my I was going to jail. When Jennifer told us that was not going to happen, it took a big load off of our shoulders. As it turned out she was able to plea our case to a minor misdemeanor with a fine and did not have to appear in court. This was all done with in the 60 days so I could go back to work. We are ever so grateful and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Thank you forever Jennifer !!
  • Ms.Macaulay represented my company as well as myself personally. I have referred her to friends and family for criminal and family law issues
  • Jennifer did an excellent job with my Child Support case. She made sure that I knew what to expect before we entered the courtroom. She went through all the facts of the case with me and made sure that she was aware of my needs and expectations. Jennifer's expertise shined in the courtroom. She stiffled my Ex's false accusations and pressed her to admit to reporting misinformation on her financial affidavit. Ms. Macaulay worked very hard to defend my rights as a father, for that I will be forever grateful.
  • I have dealt with many attorneys throughout my business and personal life and Jennifer has always performed better than most. Jennifer has given me very precise legal advise and done so with a laymans explanation that makes sense. I have won every case that she has represented me on and I will continue to use Jennifer as my attorney. I have a retainer agreement with Jennifer and she keeps very stringent records of all fees incurred and confers with me prior to spending ANY of my retainer funds. Jennifer is by far the most competent lawyer I have worked with.
  • Jennifer handled my divorce case and did a great job. She focused on the right outcomes, was very honest by providing input from her experience, and handled herself professionally to drive the best results.
  • Jen did a great job making sure I understood all facets of my child custody case, I always felt like I could send her an email or give her a call and get my questions and concerns addressed immediately. Nobody looks forward to having legal issues but knowing I have an attorney like Jen on my side has definitely been a blessing.
  • I highly recommend Jennifer if you're looking for a professional, honest and truthful lawyer. Very easy to talk talk too. She explained everything very clear and in a way that I can understand. She also takes the time to actually get to know you. Doesn't make you feel like you're paying some typical lawyer that just takes your money and send you on your way. Like i said I highly recommend...
    Phuc Joseph Anh Vo
  • Highly recommended. Jennifer was very thorough, she walked me through every step and made sure I knew all of my options before making any decisions. She is dependable and trustworthy and was available to answer my calls/questions any time of the day. Should I ever need services in the future Macaulay Law will be my first call.
  • We were referred to Jennifer from another Attorney. Let me tell you I am not much of a review guy. The work and quick response Jenn provide us was excellent, if you want attorney that knows what she is doing you can count on her. Thanks again Jenn! You and Chuck have play a big part in our life.
  • As a lawyer and a private investigator, I have had the privilege to work with Jen on a number of cases. She is smart, understands the issues that matter, is a gifted writer, and a person who cares deeply about her clients. I have referred my own family to Jen and have the greatest of trust in her.
  • Jennifer Macaulay truly cares about her clients. I first dealt with Jennifer over a decade ago when I needed some assistance with a child custody case. She did her best to make sure that the lines of communication were open and had the child’s best interest in mind. Since then I have referred many people to Jennifer as I feel she is more than competent and her dedication to her clients is something that is truly appreciated.

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